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Which Hijab Should I wear

Which Hijab Should You Wear  Square or Rectangular  

For Hijab observing Women there is a wide variety of Choices in designs and fabrics as well as diversity in color section, however once you consider the Shape of Hijab you have only two options either a Rectangular Hijab or a Square Hijab. At times you also find a few triangular ones but they are not very common nor are a preferred choice of ladies looking for modest scarves. However sometimes it becomes difficult for sisters to choose the right shape of Hijab which suffice their modesty requirements and also suit their face shapes,

If you are also confused about choosing the right Shape of Hijab and would like to understand the benefits and shortcomings of each shape then be with us till the end of his article

Let’s discuss Square Hijab Versus Rectangular Hijab and find what is best for you ! 

The Square Hijab: 

First of all we want to Clarify that Hijab is your Obedience to Allah SWT and you can use any shape of Hijab provided it covers you properly and you are comfortable with it as you have to carry it all the times. Keeping this aspect in mind we would say that Square Shape Hijab is for everyone, however if you have to make a choice between square and rectangular then it is preferable for sisters having round faces to use square Hijabs. The reason we are recommending Square Shaped Hijab for round faced sisters is that this Hijab once worn has a pointing Tip at the Top which gives your face an elongating look. You will have a look which has all the benefits of your round face along with additional charm of an elongation.  But in case you have a long face don’t hesitate to use square Hijab, you can still use  this Hijab by adjusting its pointing tip in such a manner that it is adjusted a little backwards on your head. Since square scarves are easy to wear and carry,  if you can tuck the corners of square scarf at your jawline then Tip at the Top will also be reduced and your long face will beautifully adjusts with this scarf in this manner.

So our Tips for Round faced Shaped sisters is not to fold scarf near jawline while long faced sisters should give it fold near jaw line and tuck it to reduce pointing Top.

Another benefit of wearing square scarves is the ease to wear them and you can adopt a lot of Hijab Styles as described in our Hijab Styles guide.

A  few styles we would specifically like to mention are Tieback Style, Side bow Style and wrap one side Style.

One the most problematic issue with square hijabs is hair comes out of them if you don’t secure them properly or if you have curly hairs. This at times becomes very pestering for sisters. To circumvent this issue we recommend you to use under scarves with square Hijabs. You can buy under scarves online in Pakistan at scarf.pk 

The Rectangular Hijab:

Rectangular Hijabs are called by different names in Pakistan some people call them Stoles while others call them scarf and Shayla, however these are most popular Hijabs in Pakistan because people find it easy to wrap them. It can be used by anyone however women with long faces prefer these scarves as this wrap around hugs around your face smartly, further an under cap with these Stoles gives you a beautiful look and additionally protects your hair from coming out.. Undercap also gives you added benefit of  reducing your face elongation. If people with round face will use this Hijab then their face may look a bit shorter. But if you have a round face then you can wear rectangular Hijab without an under scarf which will give your face a little elongated look. Do look for a suitable Wrapping Style from our Hijab Styling Guide so that you wrap your Scarf according to your face shape.  Initially you may face a little difficulty adopting a new style because of lack of practice, but as you get used to wrapping your Hijab in new style you will be comfortable wrapping it quickly and in comfortable manner. Having said that!  We still believe that wrapping a square Hijab is much easier and less time consuming then a rectangular one.


There is not much difference while you choose a square or Rectangular Hijab. It is your choice and ease and comfort with which you can wrap and carry your Hijab. Both Hijabs can be used by women using Hijabs, after all it is more important to wear Hijab to look modest. You can adopt different measures as suggested in above paragraphs to adjust square and rectangular according to your face shapes. Below is the summary for you so that you can use your Hijab comfortably and suiting your face contour.

 For Short/Round Face Shapes:

  • Keep a pointing Tip at Top of your Square Hijab so that your face looks a little elongated and not look small.
  • You have to tuck in your scarf around your jaw line to give it a pointed look.
  • Avoid using bulky Scarves and always try to find lighter ones.
  • Avoid using an under scarf while wearing a Stole or Shayla so that your face does not give a shortened look

For Longer/Thinner Face Shapes:

  • While wearing a Square Scarf you should try to reduce the pointed tip on Top of scarf.
  • Always wear an appropriate underscarf with your rectangular stoles which will help in reducing the length of your face and gives you a good look. You can select an appropriate Hijab underscarf in Pakistan from our website.
  • You can wear both light and heavy scarves but wear scarves which are of good length so that you can style them with a bulky look.
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