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If you are Hijabi Muslimah and yet to experience the Jersey Hijab Scarves the most popular Hijabs with Hijab observing women all over the world, then you are at the right place to buy one for your Hijab Wardrobe. On the other side if you are an experienced Jersey Hijab lover then your search for best quality Jersey Stoles in Pakistan ends here.

Our Jersey Hijabs are basically made of light medium weighted fabric material. Although these are a little bit heavier than other scarf materials like chiffon, however its flexibility and breathability makes it a Hijab material of choice for our hijab observing clients.  These Hijab Stoles molds well to your moods and behaviors as it will not give you a restricted feeling and you will feel more comfortable in Warm and Hot Climate of Pakistan. Another benefit of Premium Cotton Jersey Hijab Stoles available at our website are their moisture regulation capabilities which keeps you fresh and help you in fighting Hot flushes associated with temperature variations  while you ar inside an air-conditioned room and then go out for some work. These Hijabs are equally useful in Cold weathers once you need a little bit of warmth.

Jersey Hijab Stoles are basically made of two type of Jersey fabric material either it is polyester spandex blend or cotton spandex blend. Both fabrics have their own pros and cons. However both the materials provide same kind of stretchy fabric which gives excellent non slip coverage and flexibility of styling.

Jersey Stoles are all season Hijabs which gives you versatility in wearing and styling. These are your everyday Hijab which you can use every day, anywhere with comfort and ease.

You can use them in any wrapping style be it at classy over the shoulder wrap or pinned under the Chin Style. Although Jersey is completely opaque and non-slip however you can still use an under cap to keep these Stole securely emplaced

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