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We have Gorgeous Collection of Silk Hijabs Online which are not only cost effective but good quality as well. Range of Colors has all the must haves for any season. Silk Scarves are very popular with women all over the World who needs perfection with delicacy and at the same time want to stand out from crowd

FKM Hijabs Silk scarves and Stoles are light weight, soft and delicate which gives you a romantic feel. Furthermore these Silk Hijabs online also give you flexibility of styling option. You can use them as wrap around or as a traditional Hijab.

Silk Scarves carry with them certain benefits which no other Hijab scarf can match. First of all is its exuberance and Flair. If there is any Hijab Stole which gives you a Stylish, graceful and delicate appearance then that is Silk Stoles. If maintained and taken care of properly then it is your Life long asset which you can match with any outfit you wear in any season of the year.

Another benefit of Silk scarves is that they don’t damage your hair as these scarves are friction less and can easily Slide against your hair while other Hijab scarves tend to damage your hair because of accumulation of excessive oil if you use them for longer periods of time.

Since Silk scarves are light weight and airy therefore they help you to keep away sweating and bad odour due to sweating of hair during hot and humid Climate. While in Cold weather its insulation properties will keep you warm as well

Silk Hijabs needs to be taken care with love as these are expensive pieces in your Hijab Wardrobe. Do not expose them to direct sunlight while hanging outside.. If you use  Hijab Pins the immediately smoothen out Pins Holes by rubbing them with your hands after each use so that your Hijabs do not carry them permanently.

Always Hang your Silk Hijabs as preserving them with Folds may result in permanent creasing marks on them. Further do not machine wash them rather try to dry clean them.

Since most of the Silk Hijab Stoles at our online Hijab store are opaque therefore your Hair would not be visible from these Hijabs however Silk is a naturally Slippery Fiber therefore you it is mandatory to use Hijab Caps under these scarves to avoid its slippage. Select an appropriate under scarf from Hijab accessories section of our website.

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