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Square Hijab is another Popular Hijab with Hijab observing ladies all over the Globe. These are sometimes referred to as Turkish Hijabs or Triangular Hijab scarf. We are offering Square Hijabs online both in Prints and Plains for those customers who feel more comfortable wearing Square Hijab scarves as compared to Rectangular Hijab Stoles. Fabric used for these Square scarves is either Chiffon or Georgette. A few varieties of Silk Square Hijabs are also available at our online Hijab Store.

There was a time people have started thinking that using Square hijabs has outlived its utility however in recent times we are watching an upsurge in demand of Square Hijab scarves online in Pakistan. It shows these scarves and styles of wearing them are still a popular Hijab option around the Globe. Square scarves carries with them superb versatility in regards to wearing Styles. It gives you flexibility to use same scarf for veil thus you avoid using a separate niqab while you are wearing Square Hijab.

If you are a staunch supporter of rectangular Hijab Stoles then we would recommend it to you that you also try Square Hijab as an alternate modest Wear. We assure you that after using these you will feel that you have added a new dimension to your Hijab wearing experience.

We recommend you to search on YouTube different Styling options for Square Hijabs so that you learn the art of wearing these scarves, which may be the reason you have not tried Square scarves till now.

Another important thing while using Square Hijab scarves is that you always wear Hijab Caps under the scarf to avoid unintentional Slippage or Hair fringes coming out of scarf. Also you would definitely need Pins to hold these scarves under the chin securely. Although you can use traditional safety pins but there are certain demerits of using them as they damage your expensive scarves because fabric tends to get stuck between the coils of these safety pins. We have arranged at our online Hijab shop coil less Pins which you can buy with confidence as they will not damage your expensive square scarves

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