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A  Niqab is a piece of cloth being used by muslim women all around the world to express their modesty. Muslim women cover their face and head through veil or niqaab. It may leave the eyes uncovered so there would be no difficulty in seeing or working. Niqab is also known as modest clothing because it represent Women of Islam.

In Islam the main purpose of Niqab is to cover the face and head. New trends have launched many different types of Niqab. Niqab gives a feel of safety to women because it eliminates the part of being perfectionist in today’s world. That’s why it is part of modest clothing. We have in our Niqab Online section different types of Naqabs  in variety of colors

Once you decide to shop Niqab online for yourself or someone near to you then we will advise you to look for various options in Niqabs available to you so that you purchase the best style which is suitable to your requirements. If you search in the market especially once you are searching online for Niqabs then you will find various options of Niqabs giving you different level of coverage. It is you who has to decide according to your preference and comfort which Niqab style suits you.

If you are not particularly concerned about covering your eyes and forehead then Half Niqab would be the best option for you. These Half Niqabs basically meant to cover lower portions of you face i.e below your eyes.

If you prefer to cover your forehead along with your lower face but would like to keep your Eyes uncovered then you can select Full Niqab with a Slit opening for Eyes, these are called as Two Layer Niqabs.

If you want to completely cover your face so that your Eyes are also concealed then you have the option to select Three Layers Niqab. Basically an additional Layer is given in design of Two Layer Niqabs which can drop down in front of your eyes so that they are not visible

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