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Lawn Hijabs are most sought after Hijab Scarves in Pakistan because of Hot Climatic conditions which persist for almost 8 months in Pakistan. These are extremely popular with Ladies of Hijab in Pakistan especially during summer season. Being a Breathable, light and soft fabric Lawn scarves can be used both for casual and formal wear. Also these Hijabs are not very prone to Winkles therefore Lawn Hijabs require very less maintenance and care. Our Most Popular Turkish Hijab is Turkish Lawn Summer Breeze which is a prefered scarf for our Hijab observing customers

Lawn scarves if used with care can maintain its shine and newness for quite some however rough use of these scarves may result in early wear and tear. There are variety of Lawn Scarves with various types of blending and smoothness. Price of Lawn scarves depends on the quality of refined thread used for their manufacturing. All Lawn scarves are basically made of blending of viscose, polyester and Cotton.

Lawn Hijabs can be used both for formal, semi-formal and casual wear. These are available at our website both in fancy material and casual every day wear varieties thus giving our online hijab customers  wide variety of choice. We have sourced for our customers Lawn scarves in plains, prints, embroidered and embellished. Our Lawn Hijabs are both cost effective and practical. You can select the one which is within your budget and suiting your requirements as well.

Although you can select any Color for Lawn scarves and we have you well covered with all popular color shades, however most of the women of hijabs prefer light color hues as they perceive that light colors are less heat absorbent and will keep them comfortable during summers.

Our advice for you is to start searching online for Lawn scarves well before start of summers so that you can get good deals at reduced rates due to off season Sales. We also have a section for Hijabs on sale at our website where you can grab a good deal.

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