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Our Cotton Hijabs are made of Soft and light weight Cotton which is suitable for all seasons and especially for summers. There are various varieties of Cotton Hijab Scarves and Stoles available online at our website and are absolute masterpieces for your Hijab Wardrobes. Our Popular and most Sought after Cotton Hijabs online are Ripple Cotton, Turkish Cotton and Classic Cotton maxi size

Cotton Hijabs available with us are made by blending Cotton with viscose which gives you a feather like feeling and airy as well.  These Scarves keeps you comfortable throughout the year, especially during those hot months when you need something comfortable to serve your modest requirements. These have good drape and also are non-transparent thus giving you good coverage whether you use them as Hijab or Wrap around Stoles. Furthermore use of cotton fabric makes them non-slip hence ideal for Hijab.  Ripple Cotton Variety have crimps all around and with fringed edges they give you a stylish look. You can use cotton hijab scarves with or without an under scarf. However for maximum coverage protection we recommend that you should always use Hijab Cap with all your Hijabs. You can select an under scarf from Hijab accessories section of our website

Before taking a decision to buy Cotton Hijabs online you should carefully assess your requirement whether you need Hijab for formal occasion or for everyday wear. Please note correct assessment of your requirement will save your time while searching online for Hijabs.  Our online Hijab Shop is offering you a diverse fabric range of cotton Hijab Stoles along with a large color selection. We hope you will definitely find cotton Hijab scarf at our online store which is matching your requirement with regard to fabric and color.

Cotton scarves are a little difficult to maintain as pure cotton is wrinkle prone and Hijabs which tend to be made with greater percentage of Cotton thread will definitely require you to iron them before use. Also Cotton fabric is prone to stains therefore you need to be extra care full to avoid stains on your Cotton Hijabs.

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