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Over the years one Hijab which is inherent part of a Hijabi woman Kit it is Georgette Hijab. We have sourced premium quality Georgette Hijabs online with diverse color Choices for you so that you keep on replenishing your Hijab Wardrobes with these essential Hijabs

Georgette is another popular fabric being used for Hijabs. Georgette is a material that is very similar to chiffon made with polyester fiber. Georgette fabric used for making scarves is available in various thickness and textures. Our Georgette Hijabs are bit more thicker with a subtle crepe texture which makes them less Slippery as compared to normal Chiffon. Premium Georgette variety available at our website is a popular item with our customers

Georgette Stoles have a natural color and flair and you can use them in any season both in your daily routines and at formal functions. Fabric is soft to touch with a little bit texture but marvelous drape. You can adopt any Style with this Hijab

If you compare Georgette with other Hijab fabrics then foremost benefit is its appealing fabric made with a blend of nylon and polyester which is very light and easy to handle and extremely comfortable being breathable

As Georgette scarves are very delicate therefore you need to handle with care especially these Hijabs are prone to stains and blemishes. At the same time you should use Hijab Pins on Georgette Stoles with care because they may leave Pin holes on them which can expand after continuous usage.

Also you need to hand wash Georgette Hijabs that too with mild detergents and these Stoles should not be tumble dried. While drying them you should ensure your Hijab is not directly exposed to Sun as it may result in premature fading of your Hijab scarves. For Detailed care instructions please see our Hijab care guide post

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