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Hijab Scarf Care Guide for Sisters Doing Online Hijab shopping

It is natural Desire of women to look beautiful whether she is using Hijab or not. However our sisters concerns about their Hijabs they are carrying is a matter of great importance. They are meticulous about the look of their modest dress that is why we have prepared this guide for those sisters who buy scarf online so that they know how they can take care of their scarves in their endeavor for modesty.

A graceful and well maintained headscarf makes a Hijabi confident that she is modest and at the same time give her a feeling of looking good. There is a difference in wearing of hijab and caring for it, since you have to wear your scarf daily therefore keeping them well maintained is of utmost importance.

As it is practically not possible to wash your scarves frequently because it will reduce their life also they will lose newness and shine

It is also not possible for sisters to dry clean their expensive scarves frequently because it will be an extra burden on them both physically and financially. This is the reason why we are compiling these tips for readers to take care of their headscarves at home.

Sisters are well aware that expensive outfits in their wardrobes are taken care of extremely meticulously, same attitude needs to be shown towards taking care of your scarves as well because for a Hijab observing woman Hijab is way of her life.

Lets start to jump in to our suggested Hijab Care Tips

 Perfect your Hijab wearing

Foremost is to know how we should wear Hijabs in a perfect manner and what kind of accessories we will be needing, so that our scarves maintain our modesty and at the same time does not give us a shabby look.

 Make use of right type of pins

  • It is very important to maintain a stock of pins and also to ensure there is no corrosion or rust on those pins because rusty pins will stain your Headscarf and especially if it is of a lighter shade.
  • Also you should ensure your pins are sharp and pointed and not damaged because a damaged pin will ruin your beautiful scarf

Take care of Stains immediately on their occurrence

You have to be alert in treating stains because stains can become permanent if they are not treated immediately

Tips to Avoid and Treat Stains

  • You should be careful if you are using any sunscreen lotions and any other makeup items which get in contact with your headscarf while you are applying them or if they remain in contact with it. These items will leave a stain on your scarves which can be permanent.
  • In case of any spilling of food items while you are consuming and enjoying your food you should immediately Rush towards water and use an appropriate detergent for your scarf and wash the affected portion, your immediate action will save your Hijab from permanent stains.
  • At times stains are in the form of a dot or a few dots, in this case you do not have to wash your complete headscarf rather rubbing that dot with a small amount of detergent with your fingers can save it from permanent stain
  • Just using cold water immediately once something is spilled will save your headscarf from stains.
  • To treat dry stains you can use a roller or a fabric brush
  • In case you don’t have immediate access to water then you can use a tissue paper to remove the blemishes on your scarf.

Tips for Washing Your Hijabs

Most of the scarves which you are using needs to be hand washed until and unless  machine washing is recommended in purchasing instructions.

  • Wash your Hijab with the light soap and mild detergents and it is preferable to use cold water.
  • Never ever use bleach for washing Hijabs as this is not acceptable in any case
  • Always wash light and dark colored Hijabs separately.
  • Neither spin your scarves nor squeeze them tightly to remove excess water
  • Just in case you are machine washing then use mesh bags and also run washing machine at delicate cycle so that there is no damage to the fabric.

Tips for Drying Your Hijabs

Although this point may sound simple to you, however proper drying of your headscarf after washing also require your attention.

  • Always hand dry and do not use machine dryers. You can simply hang your headscarf on Towel Hanger in your bathroom or any other appropriate place in your house where it can dry by natural air circulation.
  • Always dry your headscarf under the shade. Direct exposure to sunlight while drying them may result in discoloration of scarf or fabric damage
  • Do not hang your headscarf for drying with such clothes which have Zips, Pins or metal button as it may result in  sticking with your Hijab and damaging them
  • You need to be extra careful not to let your headscarf hanging too long for drying because it may result in shrinking and losing of Sheen

Tips for Ironing Your Hijabs

Ironing your headscarf needs extra care and attention because of variety of Hijab fabrics and their sensitivity towards heat. Read about various Hijab fabrics Here

  • We recommend that you always start ironing with lowest possible heat setting on Iron and then adjust heat setting progressively as per requirement of fabric. Keeping heat setting high may result in damage to fabric if it is sensitive to high temperatures
  • While ironing ensure to iron your scarves from backside so that natural texture and glimmer of fabric is maintained

 Special care for white Hijabs

  • Wash them separately from colored scarves and other clothes.
  • Dry them in sun as there is no danger of fading rather drying them in sun will enhance their whiteness and they will give a fresh smell

Tips for Storing Your Hijabs

Proper storage of hijabs also plays very important role in extended life of your scarves and their immediate availability to you once need them.

  • We recommend to keep your scarves hand folded instead of hanging them
  • If you have a dresser with drawers than it is preferable to store them in these drawers or any other drawer available with you it will keep them clean and dust free
  • Folding your Hijabs at same lines every time you fold them will result in permanent creasing at those lines and ultimately your headscarf will start wearing off at those creasing
  • Our advice is to roll your scarves instead of folding them provided you have ample storage space, this way they will give you service for longer period.
  • You can secure your special occasion Hijabs in a container and use moth balls so that they are protected from insects and also it will prevent any bad smell clinging into your Hijab
  • Avoid storing Hijabs in areas which are damp or vulnerable to dampness
  • Always clean and wash your scarves before storing them. Storing dirty Hijabs may result in permanent damage to their shine and color.

 Repairing and Mending a damaged Scarf

At times you may face situations in which your scarf is slightly damaged and you want to restore it. Commonly it is because of use of pins. But that gear may be one of your favorites you want to continue enjoying its feel.

  • Remove your Hijab pins and safety pins carefully once you are taking it off because a slight slip of attention may result in damaging of your scarf with pins.
  • In case a few threads are damaged and there is a bulge due to pulling of threads then immediately restore headscarf back in shape with light hands.
  • You can also use a needle or toothpick to smooth the pulled thread put back your scarf in place
  • If your Headscarf starts fraying after extended use you can always hem them or use ribbons at edges to extend your Hijabs Life.

Hack for Fixing Pilling/ Bobbles on Hijab Surface

If you use separate scarves for summers and winters then at time you see small bobbles on the surface of your headscarf and especially on your winter scarves. It really gives a very odd look to your Hijab and it looks shabby and old.

  • In order to remove Pilling you can use a Razor to shave off these pills however you need to be extra careful while using razor so that you do not damage your scarf
  • Put down your headscarf on a hard flat surface and use extremely sharp razor to remove pills be careful not to use razor on bumps because at these places your scarf can get damaged

Hack for Fixing and Avoiding Stains

All our  hijabi sisters face the problem of stains on their scarves quite often. This problem of staining is unavoidable as Hijab is your way of Life and you may come across different situations where your scarves can easily get stained. Our Hijabi mothers often face this situation while they deal with their infants and toddlers. However we should always aim to keep our Hijabs stain free.

  • Washing immediately is the quick and fastest way which is recommended. If stain is because of some food item then washing it with liquid dishwashing detergent will save your headscarf from permanent stains. Do not wash complete scarf rather only use detergent on stained portion and then wash and hand dry.
  • You should have separate Hijabs for different occasions like for work, for family events, for daily use and for special functions like Eid , wedding ceremonies etc
  • If you are a working Hijabi then avoid investing in light colored Hijabs
  • Dark color fabrics cover stains easily as stains are camouflaged in these Hijabs due to their dark shades.
  • If you are using makeup then use it before wearing your Hijab avoid using makeup items after you have put on your headscarf.

WE hope you enjoyed reading these tips and hacks to take care of your headscarves and after reading these tips you are better equipped to maintain your Hijab scarves because hijab is your way of life  it makes you complete, confident and courageous. You can Buy Hijab Online Here

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