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Though everyone has their favorites and preferences regarding clothing and fashion. All women have religious expression rights for their clothing choices. But at the same time, hijabis are considered oppressive and derogatory among many people. People should embrace their unique existences instead of estranging them. They should understand that the real oppression begins when you dispossess someone of that choice. We will discuss why muslim women wear hijab and what benefits they gain by wearing the head scarf other than protecting them from dirty gazes of the filthy world.

  • Foremost, it’s the divine instruction by the Allah SWT. Everything He has instructed us to do is for our benefit. It is the spiritual light for us as it is linked with the Surah-al-Nur in Quran e Azeem.
  • Other than that your wearable communicates who you are and as a Muslim woman, we wear hijab to show that we are standing up for our values and beliefs.
  • Our bodies are the Amanat from the creator and we should treat it the way He told us to. Hijab controls our body as no one else has access to my body.
  • Secondly, it’s our integrity. It articulates our identity. Like every other religion, we have some religious obligations too, and hijab is one of them. It is the visible sign of our spiritual values, just like other doctrines have. But we see the reverse as it is practically rare to see religious freedom. If I don’t mind you following your moral preferences, then why do you mind it? People should respect all the people of all other religions with no discrimination.
  • It supports women’s deliverance because it de-asserts physical beauty and re-emphasizes particular quality. It covers up and empowers sour visual identity.
  • Hijab makes your personality modest, and dressing moderately shows that your existence should be valued separately from sexuality. It reduces unwanted sexual advances.
  • To understand the need of doing Hijab please check this article on our website Importance of Wearing the Hijab in Islam

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