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How to Choose Skin Shade Hijabs

Skin shade fashion or Nude fashion has become the latest trend of today’s fashion world. It is adaptable for everyone in today’s world even for the hijabis. Skin Shades headscarves have become very popular among hijabi fashion bloggers and vloggers. Today in this article, we will be giving some fashion tips to select and carry your skin shade matching hijab in your own style that suits you.

Most appropriate shade for your skin

Selecting a shade that suits your skin tone is very important, first of all one needs to know how to pick a shade that goes with one’s skin color. Most fashion bloggers follow a thumb rule of picking a shade darker than their skin tone; however one can go for a different choice as well because at the end all that matters is that you find yourself beautiful and comfortable in what you are wearing. Thus going for a lighter shade is also good for a cute and classic look. You can Check these beautiful Jersey Hijabs  popular with our customers from our Hijabs Collection

Which hijab material to choose

Hijabis will know it very well that how important is the material of the scarf, because one wrong choice can spoil your day completely. The material should be good enough to match the clothes you are wearing. Mostly chiffon and georgette scarfs are easy to carry for all types of looks whether it is a classic look or casual look.  Check our Chiffon Hijabs and Georgette Collection to select a quality Hijab for your Wardrobe

Match it with your makeup

A perfect look is incomplete without perfect makeup; latest trends reveal that most fashion bloggers prefer a no-makeup makeup look or a nude makeup look, but adding a bright lip color like red or burgundy with a subtle and classy eye makeup will make you look glamorous and will surely compliment your nude hijab.

Styling your Skin shade Matching hijab with popping colors

Styling your hijab with dazzling and luminous colors is an amazing idea because a nude hijab compliments all sorts of colors and contrasts, thus selecting radiant color tops or bright stylish bottoms will give you a glamorous look. Don’t hesitate while picking an exciting contrast of a yellow stripped Shirt with a jet black lower garment with a nude hijab or Navy Abaya with a skin color Hijab.

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