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  Stoles and Scarves for summers matching your Outfits

We are in start of summers and sisters must have already started to feel effects of impending Hot and Humid Climate.  Although Hot weather is disturbing for everyone but for our Hijabi sisters it is even more difficult to beat this heat while they are carrying their Hijabs.  Having said that it is our sisters obedience to Allah SWT which give them steadfastness in their Hijabs during the hot months. We would be discussing in this article about a few Tips which our readers can adopt to keep themselves cool while wearing their Hijab Stoles in Pakistan’s sweltering hot Climate. These Tips will be equally beneficial for you once doing online shopping for Stoles and Scarves in Pakistan.

There used to be a time when only Stoles which our Hijab observing sisters were using were of black Color. However as you know black color is universal receptor of Heat and  using black color Hijabs makes you feel  enormous effects of heat. But relax sisters now you have so many color options for Hijabs and that too in various varieties of fabrics. We at scarf.pk have specifically made an effort to promote cost effective and good quality Hijab Stoles for summer season.  Visit our Shop page to view these Hijabs.

We have Jot down a few Tips for you for selecting right colors and styles of Stoles and scarves which can keep you cool in summers

Grey Stoles with Blue Dress

Grey Color scarves are a popular choice of women wearing Hijabs in Pakistan. However if you use grey with blue outfits then it will give you a stunning look. Although you can use grey of all shades however we recommend using lighter tones which will carry you along during hot summer days. You can view  few of Grey Stoles variety available at our store

Ripple Cotton Hijab Grey

Fancy Lawn Hijab Grey

Fancy lawn with Thread Frills Hijab Light Grey

Blue Stoles with White Dress

Blue is the color which women of all ages love to have and especially combination of blue with white will really embellish you. However we suggest you to go for plains instead of prints and that will make you more stylish while being modest and simple. We suggest you to wear these Hijabs in a style which keeps you cool against the heat and air circulation is also good. For adopting the right Hijab Style to tackle Heat   you can view our Hijab style guide. You can buy various shades of Blue  Stoles and Scarves in Pakistan online from our website. You can select them according to your choice of Fabric

Deluxe Silk Hijab Stole Blue

Square Hijab Navy

Premium Cotton Jersey Hijab Navy

Pink Stoles with the Floral Print Dress

Generally most of women in Pakistan select Floral Prints for their dresses during summer. A cursory look of your wardrobe will reveal this reality to you. One scarf which can match all your Florals is Pink with all its shades. We suggest you to match your floral outfits with a suitable Pink Hijab. We have several shades of Pink Stoles in our Collection,  you can select your appropriate match from them. A few of them are here

Deluxe Silk Floral Hijab Pink

Premium Nepalese Silk Pink

Premium Cotton Jersey Hijab Pink

White and Black Stoles with any Dress

White and Black are universal colors and you can use these scarves with virtually any dress. These scarves give you a freedom of wearing any dress without bothering about the matching Hijab. These can be used with Plains as well as with prints both floral and geometric. However you may find it a little difficult to carry black Hijabs in summers. You can buy black and White Stoles and Scarves in Pakistan online from a wide array of fabrics at our website. A few popular ones are these

Premium Cotton Jersey Hijab White

Premium Cotton Jersey Hijab Black

Premium Cotton  Hijab Snow White

Turkish Cotton  Hijab Obsidian

Beige Stoles with Black Dress

Most of you must be having a black dress in your wardrobes. We suggest you to try a Beige Color scarf with your black outfit this summer which will not only keep you cool but would also give you a stylish look. Try to wear as a conventional wrap as described in our Hijab Style guide.

Premium Cotton  Hijab Beige

Crinkle Silk  Hijab Beige

Premium Viscose Hijab Beige

Yellow Stoles with Blue Dress

Do you know that Yellow gives you a glowing look and wearing yellow Hijab with a blue dress will be a vibrant combination. We have beautiful yellow scarves for you in our collection which you can view at our website, Links of a few popular products are given below. We recommend you to use this Hijab in voluminous fashion as described in our Hijab Style Guide

Deluxe Silk Floral Hijab Yellow

Floral Organza Scarf Dual Tone Yellow Pistachio

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