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How to Wear Instant Double Loop Ready to Wear Hijab

As more and more Muslim Women have started taking Hijab seriously it has become extremely necessary to introduce new easy to wear and comfortable Hijabs which you can Slip on instantly. To cover this demand instant Ready to wear Hijabs are becoming a popular choice for Hijab observing ladies in Pakistan. You can wear these Hijabs all day long whether you are at school or work. One of the most Popular Instant Hijabs with women is Double Loop Instant Hijab just fit it on and you are ready to go. These Hijabs are also called as pin-less Hijabs as you would not be requiring pins to hold these Hijabs

Benefit of instant Hijab is its easy wear- ability and practicality once you are in hurry or needs to frequently put on and put off your Hijabs. Further you don’t have to bother about pins and handling them as it is a common observation that women of Hijab are often trying to figure out where they have placed their Hijab Pins once they are needed.

Wearing Double Loop  instant Hijab is very easy. You can view quite a few videos on this Topic by searching on YouTube. We suggest you to follow procedure as Shown below in six steps

  • Double Loop Hijab has basically two pre sewn Loops on each end of a Rectangular Stole. One part is a little smaller and other one is sewn comparatively larger as shown in Step 1
  • Take hold of Loop at the smaller end as shown in Step 2.
  • Slip on the First Loop oon your head keeping the seam under your Chin as shown in Step 3.
  • Now you take hold of Loop which is sewn longer by giving Hijab twists as Shown in Step 4
  • Pull over the twisted second Loop again Lining up its seam under the Chin as Shown in Step 5
  • Finally adjust your Double Loop Ready to Wear Hijab for maximum coverage and stylish Look as Shown in Step 6.

That’s all you are ready to go. You will definitely love this Hijab and enjoy wearing it. You can buy Double Loop Ready to Wear Hijab in 12 Colors from our online Hijab Store in Pakistan

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