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Crystal Head No Snag Hijab Pins( 8 Colors)


No Snag Hijab Pins

Buy a few of these Hijab Pins to protect your Hijab scarves against Pin Holes. You can use these everyday and say goodbye to traditional safety Pins which will ruin your scarves especially those Hijabs which are made of delicate fabrics like Silk, Chiffon and Georgette

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You must have gone through a bad experience of snagging your expensive Hijab with traditional Pins or you may be worried that your favorite Hijab will get damaged because of Pin Holes and you will loose it over the period of time. Because of continuously using Pins create Holes  at almost same place where you Tie your Hijab under your Chin or at a place which you are comfortable to place a Pin. Answer to all your worries is to use a No Snag Hijab Pin which secures your Hijab without creating any holes.These Pearl Shaped no snag Hijab Pins in 8 Colors would be your next essential item in your Hijab Kit. These are durable made of Stainless Steel with beautiful Pearls at their ends and ideally suitable to protect your expensive Hijab Scarves from inadvertent Pulls and damages. Your delicate Hijabs like Chiffon, Georgette and Silk will be free of any damages after using these Pins


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Red, Black, Light Brown, White, Green, Brown, Pink, Purple, Mint, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Light Pink, Grey, Fawn, Mustard


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