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Premium Chiffon Hijab Deep Mauve


Our Premium Chiffon Hijabs are made from unique blend of Chiffon and Georgette. these Hijabs have both qualities of Chiffon and Georgette but being Premium they are made in way so that you enjoy wearing them wit your everyday attire. Size is 72×29 which makes them  long enough for any Hijab Style. Go for tube under scarf with this Hijab for protection against inadvertent slipping.


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This one is our Premium Chiffon Hijabs which is  Practical and your to-go everyday Hijab. Wear it with Love & Pride. The thickness and quality of the fabric gives it a very luxury and premium feel. These Hijabs are made of a high quality fabric which is soft, smooth and comfortable to wear. You can use it as formal or everyday scarf. It is easy to care and handle and  fabric is naturally wrinkle-resistant.

Premium Chiffon hijabs are an upgrade from basic  chiffon hijab collection in our store. Size of these Hijabs  is 72X29 inches and are made of  high quality chiffon Georgette fabric, soft to the touch, elegant, and vibrant in hues. Non-slip, Light weight,  and because of slightly large length it provides maximum coverage. You can  style them as you desire. These give you that chic, elegant look. These are Perfect for both hot summer days and cold winters.

Although this a soft & lightweight material and will not slip off the head however we recommend wearing an under scarf with these scarves. You can choose from various under scarves available at our website matching this Hijab.

These Hijabs are ‘Non-slip’  version of chiffon hijabs  and are not Like other Chiffon Hijabs in Pakistan . Premium Chiffon Hijabs are the perfect choice if you are searching for something that looks exquisite as well as practical.

Specifications and Care

Shape: Long rectangle
Thickness: Medium
Weight: Light-Medium
Texture: Slightly Textured and Slight Stretch
Visibility: Sheer, Opaque when layered
Creasing: Not very prone to creasing
Wearability: Somewhat Slippery (underscarf recommended)

Fabric Description:
• 100% Polyester
• 72″ x 28″

While we try our best to ensure product colors shown are a true depiction of the actual product colors, we do not guarantee a true color match.

Additional information

Dimensions172 × 71 cm


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