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Medium Lycra Al Amira Hijab Grey


Ready to Wear Medium Size Al Amira Hijab made with Stretchy Lycra Fabric . For Detailed Size see the description below.

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If you are new to Hijab then this Hijab is your perfect companion in your new Journey because you can easily  wear this with effortless ease. If you are looking for a convenient and hassle free modest wear then this Hijab is for you. It is extremely suitable for girls ages 10 to 15 years whether they need it for schools or for going out. Material used for these Hijabs is Lycra with a lot of stretch so that you are comfortable in wearing them.

Thickness: Medium-Thick

Fabric: Lycra

Hijab Dimensions:

Chin down the chest= 21 inches

From Forehead down to back side = 32 inches

Base opening = 38 inches across

Face opening = 11 inches


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